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Keep in mind that when you see your image come up on the LCD on your camera, you're seeing the "camera's version" of the processed photo. In other words, any settings to the ISO level, White balance, sharpening you may have already set in the camera are applied that picture.

When you take the RAW image and open it in PhotoShop CS, you're seeing exactly that; the "RAW Image". RAW images do not keep any of the camera settings in their format, that information can be found in the photo's metadata, but not actually applied to the photo.

Think of a RAW photo as a completely unprocessed image, with no light intensifying effects, or noise reduction, anything. So when you open a picture in RAW format with your PC software, you are seeing the same thing the camera had seen BEFORE it displayed the picture on the LCD. When it comes up on the LCD the custom settings are applied to the photo for the display.

Hope that helps some.

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