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I can't say with certainty, and hopefully Nikos can confirm either way, but I believe the woodchip shuttle from Savannah to Meldrim and return does operate on weekends. I saw this train operate last week, and they were at the large paper mill shortly after 0700 putting together a string of 24 empty chip hoppers. They hit the diamond at Alabama Jct (just south of the Amtrak station) around 0830, and were back across eastbound at 1050.

Photo ops on this train are pretty limited. The woodchip yard is just east of Meldrim and there is no public access. Some days they run around their train in downtown Meldrim, others they may use a loco on each end. The switch faces west, so if both units are on the head end, chances are they will pull west to the siding at Meldrim before heading east for Savannah.

Not many photo ops, but if a weekend day is all you have, it's something (possibly) moving to get shots of. This segment of the line doesn't have nearly the scenery the west end does.

Depending on what your schedule is, I would highly recommend Nikos' suggestion of the Y101 chase. In my opinion, the best scenery on the line (and most open shots) are between Dublin and Dry Branch. You can do nice shots on just about any portion of the line, but I found that segment to be the most productive.
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