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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
It's about giving the perception of fairness, the PNRRA may be very happy with the service provided by the DL, but that's not concrete ground to sole source a contract. Performance within measurable criteria, price and ability to continue performance without degradation are critical in a competitive bidding process.

RBMN clearly feels that they can compete on one or more of those issues, and wants to be given a fair shake at it. The PNRRA should not be able to sole source because someone in the high levels at both the railroad and the authority are good friends and want to preserve that relationship. If RBMN can come in, do the same work at the same level of quality for a lower price, the PNRRA (as a government organization) is responsible to the taxpayers to pursue that option.
Like I said above, I'm sure legally they are with in their right, but its pretty obvious even in a open competitive environment, D-L would be selected. Don't have the figures in front of me, but I'm willing to bet historically, if you have a sue an entity to open the bidding process, the chances of that entity turning around and selecting you as the operator are pretty low.
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