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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
I highly agree that RBMN will likely not be the operator, even if the PNRRA is forced to open their operating contract to competitive bidding. I think RBMN's actions are more to force the issue of due diligence to occur, or possibly "taking one for the team" in hopes of being selected in a subsequent bid in the future. I see the RBMN acting more as a whistleblower than trying to force the PNRRA to select them as operator with these actions.
Sometimes however, especially in governmental processes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. If RBMN raises enough hell about it, draws enough public attention, it might just shame the PNRRA enough to give them a contract.

I've seen it happen, Boeing has the KCX tanker program all hung up for nearly the same reason. Although that WAS an open, competitive bid, it was Boeing that made a scene out of it in front of Congress and anyone who would listen about a foreign-owned company building equipment for US forces. Even though unofficially, it was because Boeing simply wasn't willing to accept that they'd been cleanly beaten by a foreign company that was backed by a major US manufacturer.
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