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There are a number of possibilities here. One is that a leaf was flicking back and forth and engaging the AF with you being unaware. I think that's most likely. Another is that your lens was dropped at some point, but you would likely know that.

The solution is to get rid of as many variables as you can. Put camera on tripod, tape a page from a magazine etc. flat to a wall, align camera so the sensor plane is exactly parallel to the wall. Using AF, take a few shots wide open (this will show any unsharpness most clearly,) and take a few at f8. If unsharp wide open, it's possible your AF needs to be calibrated. If unsharp at f8, you do have a real problem. Do use a tripod as otherwise you're simply testing your ability to hand hold. Do shoot a 2D target such as paper taped to flat wall to cancel out any chance the focus point was placed on a rounded surface.

Finally, try focusing manually just using live view, magnified. This will isolate if you have an AF problem.

Finally (oops I already said that) there is a chance you didn't stop down enough here to get enough DoF. Shooting a 2D target will rule that out. As is, can't really tell anything at all from the shot above--too many variables.

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