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Thanks for the update Mike. I am going in Oct of this year, so good to know they have painted a little bit. Any idea what was painted? And did you say the SD50s were in service or out?

This trip is to hit 4 states I have never visited so I am going into Neb. Kansas and the Dakotas.

It will be a mix of Cass 1 and shortlines.

Please offer any info on any of the following:

I see Iowa Interstate comes into to Council Bluff Iowa, that is close enough for a look but only the west end, what do you know of the west end operations?

The Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad. Big operation any good places to start? Is all the blue gone now?

Nebraska Central? Same question?

Red River Valley and Western?

The trip will also target Mount Rushmore and the Badlands if that gives you any other tips to offer.

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