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Originally Posted by Noct Foamer View Post
I was just out that way a couple of months ago. It was a family vacation so I didn't shoot many trains, but I do have some thoughts. This is honest constructive criticism, which I think you are after. Most all of your shots are close ups of engines. They really aren't telling much of a story. When you are out in wide open places you have the ability to shoot from a distance. What that does is give the -feeling- of being there. It tells the story of the environment the train is operating in. There are a lot of places there you could have climbed up a hill and taken a shot from a mile away, and put the entire train into a photo. There aren't many places in the rest of the U.S. you can do that. Did you ever take advantage of that? You shots have definitely improved--you are paying more attention to the direction of light, and your compositions are improving. I too like the one BaggyDave mentioned. I'll give you one more word of advice: polarizer.

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I did take some shots from near the top of Pompey's Pillar once the train got moving (because of course it did five minutes after I got to such a place), however none of them came out very well, plus the light was on the wrong side...
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