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Originally Posted by spacetrain1983 View Post
I did take some shots from near the top of Pompey's Pillar once the train got moving (because of course it did five minutes after I got to such a place), however none of them came out very well, plus the light was on the wrong side...

Eventually you will learn as we all did, that if the light is not working for a shot then don't even climb the mountain. This skill is called "previsualization" and I think it's the most critical part of photography. It's the ability to "see" a photo before you even take it, before you even take the camera out of the bag. It can take awhile to develop this skill. If you were near the pillar and the light was wrong, that suggests that maybe you could have gone the other direction and taken a shot with the train and the pillar? Here's a link to a couple of shots I took in Green River, WY in July where I deliberately tried
to include some of the cool landscape in the background:

If it's cloudy/overcast, the light is directionless and is much easier to work with.

Kent in SD
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