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Default It never fails.....

Well, maybe sometimes it does. But this happens a lot with me when I have two shots. One that I think will get in with no problem and anotehr that I think wil get canned. In fact, I almost didn't submit this one --

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But it was this one that I felt strongly about, and still do, that got rejected --

Looking it at after the reject, I'm guessing they want some taken off the left side of the frame? Any other thoughts? There's a few interesting tid bits of info about that shot, alluded to in the caption, including imported coal. But I also like the location. The sun only comes around to shine on NB trains a few months a year. But it almost never is perfect as the shadows wil start encroaching before the sun is actually perfect. They do call this the ditch, afterall, from when they relocated the railroad tracks to go under most roads, including the one I'm standing on and the one in the background.

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