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I'm not a Canon shooter, but I believe that the T5 has an APS-C (crop) sensor and the 6D is a full-frame camera. If you have lenses that were designed for a crop sensor, they will not work correctly on the 6D unless the 6D has something akin to Nikon's DX-mode. Even then, you would lose a significant amount of resolution doing that. Moving from a crop sensor to a full-frame is a pretty significant upgrade, which pretty much renders all of your existing gear obsolete, unless you have the funds to own two complete sets of bodies and lenses. On the good side, I think you'll get better high-ISO performance with the 6D.

If you are just starting out, I think Lloyd's advice is spot-on. Stay with what you have and work on the basics....finding good spots, composition, exposure, processing. If you've been doing this for years and feel you've outgrown a basic camera, by all means, take the plunge into full-frame. I did and have never looked back.

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