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I finally got around to watching it, and by and large, I thought it was very good. Definitely action and fast paced. Before you knew it, it was over.

Some thoughts:
1. Is it that damn hard to use the proper terminology? Why go out of your way to use the wrong term.
2. If they REALLY Wanted to derail it, they would not have used a derail, they would have removed a section of track
3. The part where the 2 locomotives got in front of the runnaway, why did a crewmember not stand on the rear of the trailing unit, then climb across to the runnaway, open the door and set the brakes?
4. The part where the 2 SD40's derailed and exploded into flames. LoL, yea right.
5. At the end when the runnaway rounded the curve in "Stanton" and the lead engines where leaning up on only the outside set of wheels? Come on man...
6. The seeming ignorance of the conductor was astounding. Cutting in too many cars, not knowing the rules, whatever he did on the turntable, etc
7. Signal aspects: Anyone catch a few odd ones like the blinking red X on the CPL?
8. City names. Why use some real ones and some fake ones? Be consistent, this made no sense.
9. I checked google earth to make sure, but it seemed pretty incredibly unrealistic that they would put several HUGE Petroleum storage tanks immediately next to an elevated viaduct on a curve.

All in all I was pleased, it just bugs me sometimes when they use bogus terms or do something no real railroader would EVER do.

You can really tell the fake railroad AVWR was modeled after CSX because they had like 4 different paint schemes, lol

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