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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I just went through 4-5 of Grumpy's most recent posts, starting with the one you linked. "killin' it" ??? Not in my view, looks like he is a very boring aerial wedgie shooter. From what I see of the posts I looked at, he does nothing to take advantage of having a copter. He may be technically precise, his DSLR may offer a different distortion profile, but to what end? I'd much rather see shots of the type seen in this thread, despite the distortion (which is adjustable in post anyway, I would think).

I used to read a lot of Grumpy's stuff, back when he lived in Lincoln. Then, he moved to Lawrence (where I graduated from college) and I sort of wandered away from his blog. I used to write humorous comments to his posts and we would email. I'm a bit surprised he's still at it--didn't he get married? That usually kills off your fun.

All in all I've had some of the same thoughts you do, only perhaps I'm a bit more charitable. I was often left a bit mystified why Grumpy would obsess with minute details of camera gear, but basically shoot the same three shots over and over again. (Every now and then he did step out of his zone and come back with some shots that were pure genius!) I have not seen his latest drone shots, but it appears the only thing that has changed is the altitude. Only Grumpy would put $4,000 worth of camera gear at high risk, just to get a wedgie! I've thought about going this route too, but the Dakota winds are merciless. Whatever I bought wouldn't last long. Anyway, the ability to shoot in a third dimension would open up a lot of creativity, one would think. Like I said, I used to live where Grumpy does, and am familiar with the area. There are some much cooler places to take drone shots than a generic muddy field. I have to say this about Grumpy though. The guy is having fun, and he's been around a long time. He certainly has his fans, which is more than can be said about me I suppose.

I too have rented planes for photography, including foamer photography. I'll give a quick story about the time I hired a helicopter in Hawaii (Kuaii to be specific.) There's a big collapsed volcanic cone there, and I wanted a shot straight down into it. I found a guy who for a thousand bucks or so would take the doors off the helicopter and turn the bird sideways. Way cool! So, my wife and I got on and off we went. It was actually pretty cold up there but we persevered. The copter circled over the cone and then suddenly turned sideways. I quickly started shooting straight down--WOW! My wife was sitting on the same side of the copter as I was--nothing between her and the ground ~3,000 ft. below but her seat belt. I could hear her screams over the roar of the blades!!!! When we got back, the pilot said, "You didn't tell your wife about the sideways shot?" Well no, I sorta forgot. Wife said she had never been so scared out of her wits like that before! The upshot was she said she would NEVER get on another helicopter with me again-EVER! And she hasn't, not even in Iceland.

Kent in SD

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