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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
J - and others, I've often been tempted to try one of those small hand held mini drives. They look "cool", and would be easier to transport, as well as take up less space on my desk BUT - I ask myself... what are they giving up when they use a smaller package? Perhaps they are not as reliable, a scary thought? If they are just as reliable, why would anyone use the bigger externam drives?

Sorry, not being an industry specialist, I don't know the failure rates. All I know is that mine is fine. As are my older drives. BTW, one advantage is that they take power through the USB - do the bigger ones still use external power? Anyway, I can't think of a reason why to use the behemoths; happy to learn something new.

BTW, we also use the small ones at work for "mission critical" stuff. Of course, the person who selected those drives - me - is not an IT expert.

This reminds me, need to do my secondary backups today.

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