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Originally Posted by SJCAlien
..if you're going this week, take gloves, warm clothes, last weekend was freezing cold out here.....

take a good map and start at Caliente, Bealville, proceed up to the Keene bridge area, continue up by the Tank, and look for your best vantage points. Honor the private property signs. U-PAC rail workers asked me to leave while parked near Tunnel 3 last friday, though it wasn't marked no trespassing -

check this out..

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UP is getting anal about protecting their private property. Apparently there was a memo passed around to really REALLY crack down on trespassers and call ALL of them in, even if you're being responsible and staying back from the tracks. I think I need to start hitting up the BNSF a little more. Never thought the day would come when they'd be more accomodating than UP. Nobody beats CSX though. "Go anywhere you want, just keep off the tracks!"
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