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I like your first shot, because of the contrast in eras. When you converted the shot to B&W, you might consider using channels in Photo Shop and not just converting to gray scale. Under "layer", select "new adjustment layer", then select "channel mixer", then click OK, then check the monochrome box. By varying the three channels, you can make the sky much more dramatic. That would really help this shot.

Shot number two is colorful and would be a really happy shot, but it's tilted and you have cropped the people partly in and partly out of the picture. Include them, they add interest and color.

If your fourth shot is cropped from a larger picture, include the second driving wheel and cut out part of the cylinder. It's just a large black expanse and cutting off the main rod to the second driving wheel doesn't look right. If you do include the second driver, the rods will form a triangular shape, always a good compositional element, plus the air pump will not be centered. Putting it about 1/3 in from the edge will improve the composition.

I don't know why they didn't like your seventh shot (couplers). It looks OK to me.

I don't think your eighth shot should have been rejected either, but it could be made better. The engine is too centered. I would include more of the steam locomotive. The way you have cut off the driving wheel makes me want to see more.

I enjoyed seeing your series of pictures. Just a comment, based on these and on your previous posts. I think you tend to crop your photos very tightly, perhaps because Hong Kong, where you normally shoot, is so densely built up, it's hard for you to get back from the tracks without including distracting elements. When you have a chance, shoot wider.

Good luck and keep posting.

Michael Allen

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