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The Photo Comments section under every photo asks you to "share your thoughts". But as I seem to have found, and I'm intrigued to know if it's just me, the comment is only published if itís 100% positive. On a number of occasions Iíve posted under pictures when I really like the shot and theyíve always gone on very quickly. A couple of times however Iíve tried to point out mistakes. In one case there were 3 glaring cloning errors on a photo that, given the high standards of screening Iím amazed werenít spotted. The comment never appeared so I eventually found the e-mail address of the photographer in question and he replied thanking me and explained that heís uploaded a working version by mistake. Oddly he never did anything about it though and the photo in question is still up. Then again just 2 days ago I commented on a photo that I liked but I tried to point out that the photographer had got the identity of the engine in question wrong. Again the comment didnít appear and the photo in question remains incorrectly tagged.
Am I going about the system wrong, is there some other way to point out mistakes or to make suggestions?
Iíd be interested to know if anyone else has found the same.
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