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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I agree. I prefer the rejected photo, simply because it has more interest (neither photo conveys a derailment).

Loyd L.
I had a few photos from later in the afternoon that showed the derailed engine. The initial shot of it I submitted (before uploading these) had an issue and I had been so busy lately that I hadn't had the chance to go back and edit another one of my images of it until this week:

Image © Adam B. Reich
PhotoID: 666281
Photograph © Adam B. Reich

Here's my problem with the similar to previous rejection photo and the idea of choosing a "best photo" here: My intention was to tell a story and show some different parts of the "aftermath" of this minor derailment. With the first accepted photo, I wanted to highlight a few things that were somewhat unusual. Specifically, the sight of an open vestibule on NJ Transit is very uncommon. In those rare occasions where it is seen, it almost never has people in it, as it tends to be locked. The presence of an Amtrak crew in one is all the more unusual. Finally, I felt that the bridge at the west end of the station that added an interesting backdrop.

The rejected photo was taken facing the east end of the station, with a focus on the crew working on the derailment site itself. The overall scene was more interesting, but the background behind it was much different: a relatively dull concrete overpass. These weren't two photos from the same vantage point or with a slight shift. They were at different ends of the station, facing different directions and having much different backgrounds. Take away the location info and the only thing that even hints that these shots might be from the same location is the fact that they happen to feature the same type of coach with an open vestibule.

Given those differences, I did not/do not agree with the "similar photo" rejection. In a way, I found it ambiguous, such that I nearly avoided going back and uploading the photo of the derailed engine for fear that it might still be considered "too similar" since it still relates to the same event and was taken at the same location as the first accepted photo.

I do appreciate all of your insights and your clarification. I will certainly keep your points in mind when selecting what images to upload from a given event/scene going forward. With that being said, I would encourage the admins/screeners to be a little less broad in applying a "similar photo" rejection. If the vantage point/backdrop are different, as they were here, please consider the image on its own merit and the story the photographer may be trying to tell. Applying the "similar photo" rejection in this sort of situation without further explanation is liable to discourage less seasoned/younger contributors as appearing arbitrary...particularly if they don't know to take advantage of the wisdom of the regular contributors to this forum.
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