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I've been watching your posts here for a bit, but have yet to say anything as I analyze your style and subjects. I feel I have seen enough now to make a few comments:

1. You shoot transit. These are trains, but a subject a pretty small percentage of the audience here is interested in. So there's strike one. Your photos are going to have to be above and beyond on a technical level.

2. The rejections you are posting so far come across to me as nothing but "grab shots." You have either grabbed a shot of another train you are passing while on transit, or while standing at a transit station.

3. The scenery in the areas you photograph is lacking (and that is likely beyond your control). So that makes the train the entire focus of your photograph. That's the killer, because the subject is something only a small percentage of the audience here is interested in, and places the screener's eye on looking for an exceptional photograph.

I only offer these observations because they are the types of lessons I have learned watching the forums here and having photographs rejected over the years. Participating here on the forums has only decreased the amount of photographs I have submitted to the site, and not because of feeling my material isn't any good. Rather, I have learned to be even more critical of my own work, and what I would have thought was an awesome shot just a few years ago will not see the light of day here at present.

So what I am saying is if you are pigeon holed into the subjects you are shooting, you need to strive to make them more interesting. Look to incorporate more "props" to make your photos more "railroady" such as including stations, signals, whatever. Also, the main purpose of transit is to move PEOPLE. Include some, whether they are working or riding. Transit is also typical of densely populated areas, so I am certain you can do more than photograph some MUs passing through a bunch of tall weeds, which is about as in depth as the linked rejected photo is.

So I hope this is a useful post. It's hard to express emotion through electrons, but please know I am writing this as nothing more than constructive advice. I didn't learn how to shoot photos overnight, and after shooting for over 30 years, still learn something here every day.
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