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Thanks for all the responses...I'll get to them all. 1. Impossible to get all 6 cars on the tight curves on the Loop. I've got a another shot with more room, I'll try that shot later. Covered or not covered, the rail still can electrocute. Transit cars' shoes have to contact the rail, either from the top or the side. The covers do not protect contacting the rail. There was an internet video showing woman lying across the tracks, arm contacting the rail, smoke issuing from her body. Yes, it was in New York with their covered rail.
2. I thought the reflection on the roof was good, I see I was wrong.
3. The charter was a one-time opportunity. Our hope of a non-stop run was dashed....too much construction...berth at Linden was closed, welders replacing a switch. Tracks #3 and #4, out of service from Howard to Montrose, track work. Track #4 at Belmont, closed, they are working on a building next to the 'L'. Ah, the joys of planning charters.
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