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Joe may be correct but not of help? A few comments for thought, not trying to be ?????

I downloaded your rejection and it is like 900 x 648, RP accepts as small a 800 but 1024 is really your basic internet size. Railpics should really be 1200 or 1600, I use both depending on image.

I am pretty sure rejected photos keep their original size. Anyway I'd check the size of the image you submitted. Also when saved their is a quality selection and that should be at Max ie 12 in PS. so 1200 at max quality. If your image was 900 and that is not what you wanted I'd review editing steps, any cropping should be done before down sampling. ie if you get a composition rejection you can't crop the submission you have to go back to original size.

The image was blue, the shadows look blue, I applied auto white balance which helped a little but had to go into color sliders to get rid of the blue shadows but that also affected sky. No sure of editing but possibly some auto adjustment gave you a nice blue sky instead of a dull li blue one had some side affect.

After that I cropped sides and bottom which give it and motorman's view with red signals of a wrapped passing train, as a CTA fan it is a pleasing photo.


Hate to add this but exif showed 500 x F4 at 100. F8 is a nice daylight F stop, 4 you are moving into a low light f stop. probably don't need 500 but could easily bump ISO to 200 and shoot at 250 - f8 , only guessing your original might have been a little overexposed.
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