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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Photo 1 - Terrible square-ish crop with a confusing composition. The signal doesn't carry enough interest to hold the foreground of the scene. The trains behind are too blurry / minimized to support, and the nuclear blown sky is distracting.

Photo 2 - I feel like the train would look better placed towards the bottom of the composition and not the top. Also blown out building in the background and an overall lack of contrast make for a somewhat bland shot.

Loyd L.
Not sure I can add much to Loyd's assessment here. Both compositions hit me between the eyes within a second of looking at them. The first one wants the signal on the left edge and the trains a bunch closer. The second one feels top-heavy and has me wanting to immediately crop off a bunch of the bottom, but my hand never gets to the mouse before my eyes tell me the overexposure issue is more concerning.

Hey, we've all got 'em. Frames that leave us wondering what the heck we were thinking when we fingered the shutter release. Sometimes, you can save them by cropping them to the point where there's only enough resolution left for a web application, but more often these days, I use the Lightroom flag tool to flag such images as "rejected".....meaning I will delete them once I have reviewed the whole shoot.

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