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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
I've submitted quite a few where I have attempted to minimize the shadows. Sometimes they are accepted/ If not, I don't appeal.

If you're curious, a lot of them are in JMF's album:
I have not seen that album before and good on JMF for creating it. As I have shared with several posts about alleged backlit or shadow on nose rejections, non-frontal nose light for some shots allows loco headlights to pop to life. This rejection reason is what peeves me most about RPN. My most faved photo here is back-lit which I dared to try only recently. I doubt that many photogs would quit a lineside shot just 'cause light was no longer frontal. Does back-lit shots bother viewers such than screening out is needed to protect them? I've managed to get a few rejected shots in with minor editing tweaks which the acceptance might have been because of but might not have, who knows?
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