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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
Fully agree! I suspect that the nonsense may come from the basic rules for beginners to avoid backlit noses, a rule that seems to be taken pretty seriously in the US. When I was learning photography, I was just warned about that, and told to use my own judgment, etc.

The problem is, most seasoned phtographers get used to avoid the truly annoying nose backlit circumstances that may ruin a picture, e.g. backlit together with high sun, and "properly" backlit pictures enhance the contrasts and textures, in a nutshell it makes pictures look better, less dull than sun-in-the back ones. Seems that RPN keeps closer to "beginners-sticking-to-the-basic-rules" system of photographic values, rejecting loads of pictures that site visitors would like to see.
Very valid observation, JMF.
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This pretty much sums it up:
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