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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Ted, are you using a grid in your software to check level? That really helps. I have had shots that I swear were level, only to put the grid on them and find out they were off enough to be really annoying to guys like Jim Thias. I not only use the grid to check the center level, I use it to correct perspective and make the verticals at the edges as good as I can make them, without losing anything important.
I only wish that I could "eyeball" level like Jim Thias. I don't typically use a grid (unless there's an architectural element that demands perspective correction), but usually just drop a vertical guide line (PS Elements 11) at the center of the photo or at whatever element in the photo I've chosen as a "known true vertical", and straighten from there. Trust me, I know better by now than to rely on my "eyeballing" it.

Might be a pre-existing condition of mine, or maybe the house has settled to 1 degree off from vertical.
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