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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
There is no reason to use a grid. Just use the ruler tool and guide lines in photoshop to level photos and you're all good.
Hi Jim,

I'm a Lightroom user, so Photoshop is a bit foreign to me. I use PSE whenever I need certain tools for cloning, etc., but I primarily use LR. I bought the last version of LR that was offered standalone and so far, I've managed to stave off the need to do the subscription thing. When I move to my next computer, things will likely have to change. Fortunately, there are some competitors out there, such as Luminar and Capture One. If I can find something that offers me the ability to never have to SAVE anything, as well as the ability to manage several terabytes of files, (LR has both), I could be convinced to finally flip off Adobe for good.

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