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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Maybe he will elaborate(sorry you probably know more than i) but I'd have to assume LR keeps a log of your changes in a sidecart or catalog somewhat like the RAW converter does so you do not have to save the whole file, you only have the changes file.
Ding, ding, ding ding!!! Winner!

Yes, that's exactly how Lightroom works. Picture a raw converter, like ACR, except with the entire tool set that Lightroom has (Tone Curve, Color Controls, Sharpening, Noise Reduction, Cloning, Adjustment Brushes, Grad Filters, Cropping, etc.). Lightroom acts like a big ACR with a ton of functionality and I only SAVE when I output a TIFF or a JPEG, and even then I can still go back and continue editing, right where I left off. I can SEE all of the changes I have made to the file and I can back those changes out. The problem with Photoshop is that after you've done a ton of things to your file, you have to save it before you go to bed....or perhaps leave your computer on overnight. Unless you put each separate change on a different layer and saved it all as a big honkin' TIFF with the layer structure in place, your ability to go back later and adjust individual changes, or back them out will be severely impaired. You'd have to hope you kept a notebook of what you did, because depending on the nature of the change you decide you need later, you might have to start over.

Here's a quick example. I make a ton of changes to a file, then output a JPEG and upload to RP. After I upload, I notice something and realize the image is not level (Yikes!!!) It needs a pretty good crank CCW. I quickly delete it from the queue before it gets screened. Guess what? If all I have is a flattened TIFF from Photoshop, and I make that rotation, I will likely have to re-crop smaller and I stand to lose content near the edges which could diminish the impact of the photo. To fix it right, I basically have to go back and edit the raw from scratch....again, hopefully from good notes. With Lightroom, it's not even a 2 minute fix. I go back to the Develop Module, rotate the image to get it level, re-adjust the crop and re-export as a JPEG. Done.

The only reason I can see to use Photoshop and layers is if that's all you're used to.

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