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I got rejections of these images for "horizon unlevel-leaning right".

Distance between the two photo points is about 200 m (650 ft) and there is a slight grade.

I referred to the poles next to the loco(s) and adjusted accordingly. Any further CCW rotation is no solution.


From Jim Thias above :There is no reason to use a grid. Just use the ruler tool and guide lines in photoshop to level photos and you're all good.

Number one looks like it could use some adjustment, number 2 ?? a tad.

I'd adjust both submitting one at a time and notating, getting those uprights lined up with the ruler. As with most, his is not a matter of right or wrong.

Also as Mitch mentioned in RAW I use the auto leveling adjustment which seems to spot all the verticals and make them level whether that is the reality or not.

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