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Hi Art. Well, Fullerton by its self is a really good spot to trainwatch. Not only do you get constant Metrolinks and Amtrak Surfliners, but you also get constant BNSF freight trains. You can't get that in San Diego. I think San Clemente would be a good spot to get that photo you want of the train and the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the only spots on the Surfline where the train is litteraly right up against the water. Assuming that you're arriving in San Diego, there isn't much excitment. On Friday afternoon, there is Surfliners and Coasters (commuter trains that look like Metrolinks).
Image © Jeff Weber
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Photograph © Jeff Weber
Nice shot, Jeff.

On Sunday, Coaster doesn't run, so all you see is Surfliners, and if you're lucky on either day, you might see one of the two BNSF freights that come at any time of day. Could come at morning, night, or afternoon.

If you want to take the Surfliner to San Clemente, it will cost you $14, and take an hour and 14 minutes. From San Clemente, it will cost $12 and take an hour. From San Diego to Fullerton it will cost $19, and take 2 hours. (source: Good Luck, I think Fullerton is going to be the best place to train watch.
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