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BNSF San Bernardino Sub!!
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Default Fullerton

Fullerton proably would be the best in terms of number of trains. I've gone down there alot. Sometimes in a 20 min. period I see 5 or 6 trains. Other times it seems like train after train. Fullerton is really good because the San Bernardino Sub. and the San Diego Sub. meet up at the east end of the platform. Everyday there are 26 sufliners, but they will arrive different times on sat/sun than the rest of the days. some of the surliners run fri/sat/sun so these will be on a consistent time along with the dailies. Also the Southwest Cheif #4 gets into Fullerton at 7:20 pm, but sometimes it is 5 to 10 min early. You might also see the Southwest Cheif #3 which is scheduled to arrive in Fullerton at 6:34AM, but it is almost always late. It is usually delayed about an hour, but I remember a case where it was delayed 19 1/2 hours, and a few other times where it is a couple hours short of that.

Hope this is helpful.
If you need anything else just reply and i'll try to answer.

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