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Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
Here are some that I'm looking to upload, some might need a little bit more work, I know but:
  1. Decent lighting, but it looks like a snapshot that you didn't put any thought into; having the train perfectly centered while cutting off a chunk of the foreground isn't visually appealing. Also needs to be leveled.
  2. Nice composition, but questionable lighting for RP purposes.
  3. Great light, but once again the composition doesn't appear to have had much thought put into it; you chopped off the photo too closely on the right edge, spoiling the balance of what would otherwise have been a good photo.
  4. High sun = RP rejection.
  5. High sun, again. (Shouldn't you have figured that one out by now?)
  6. Cloudy/common. (Ditto...)
  7. With no snow on the ground, this looks faked (again). It's also extremely dark and you cut off the train at the right edge. Uncommon power does not automatically make a shot RP-worthy.
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