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Default Success at Cascade Tunnel

This is one of the primary reasons I enjoy viewing and contributing to Railpictures. As discussed in a thread a few months ago, I enjoy seeing the different styles of photos offered by the different contributors to the site. In this particular case, I've enjoyed viewing different perspectives of the same location by a handful of contributors (well known contributors, at that) and even in some cases, a refreshing angle of the same location, by the same photographer. A recent Screener's Choice award on a photo submitted by Dave Honan motivated me to create this thread.

Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 382405
Photograph © David Honan

The same evening, taken just a hair over two hours after the above photo, Ross Fotheringham captured an equally as dramatic scene of a train exiting Cascade Tunnel. Acknowledged with a well deserved PCA, it's neat to see how a single location has enough "awh" to continue to consistently appeal to the viewers and staff of the site.

Image © Ross Fotheringham
PhotoID: 381694
Photograph © Ross Fotheringham

Other examples from the same location include this unique perspective offered by Steve Carter, another well known photographer on RP.

Image © Steve Carter
PhotoID: 315170
Photograph © Steve Carter

In addition to seeing how other photographers work with a scene, it's also neat to see how the same photographers work with the same scene and even with just small changes, how the photos continue to do well in feedback.

Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 304219
Photograph © David Honan

Receiving another PCA on the above image, it proves to me that Cascade Tunnel has something going for it and in a nut shell, when all of the C&O signals disappear in West Virginia, I'm moving to the PNW.

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