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Originally Posted by travsirocz View Post
Image © Travis Dewitz
PhotoID: 325315
Photograph © Travis Dewitz
Very nice! I for some reason don't recall seeing that one. Favorited.

Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Oh.....I do like that shot! I like Travis' shot at Moffat as well.

You guys need to avoid hanging out at such locations in the dead of night. The boogeyman's gonna get you!
Thanks, Ron.

Originally Posted by travsirocz View Post
I've slept in my truck at Moffat twice. The drive from Wisconsin there with a few stops along the way has always seemed to put me at the East Portal around midnight. Very spooky at times.
After getting that tunnel shot, Welch and I headed up to Andover where we spent the night in darkness. What a beautiful place to be in the summer in the middle of the night!

By the way, seeing those new CP Holiday train pics in this thread makes me wonder something. How come no one has done multiple exposures and blended them together to avoid the blown out lights? It's a pretty simple procedure, yet every one of the pics I see where it's parked some distance away, the lights on the cars are all overexposed.
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This pretty much sums it up:

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