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Your caption is blank and I will assume you did not make note to the screener regarding your interest in the abandoned spur.

Following J's advice (good advice), bring the train out of the center (top to bottom) - and loose the "fluff" on the right (and maybe add some highlight /shadow filter detail along with some extra contrast - to brighten up the shot) and you get:

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Not loving the shot but it is a part of railroading and it's one of the few cab led shots that looks like the cab is actually leading.

Vertical - you are likely out of luck if you desire keeping the abandoned spur unless you get lucky on an appeal stating your desire to include it. A comment will go a long way towards justifying the inclusion of the spur so everyone knows why it was kept in the composition. Maybe you can find out more about it. Otherwise, loose it as it is a bit tight on each side.

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