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Hello, Guido.

While I have not visited the Trona, I have considered a trip there many times over the years and I keep a watch for information on their operations on the internet.

The operating pattern seems to be one train in the afternoon/early evening from Trona to Searles to interchange with the Union Pacific. The train may be seen at Trona during the early afternoon assembling its train and working the plant.

I do not know which days of the week the train works; it may be weekdays only. That is usually the safest bet with shortline railroads in the United States-- many work Monday through Friday only, and do not work weekends. Probably best to plan on visiting on a weekday afternoon if you can.

I hope others who have visited the Trona can help more. Enjoy your visit to the United States, and I wish you good luck with seeing lots of good trains while here.
Mike Derrick

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