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Originally Posted by BNSF4682
1 word. RIDICULOUS. Not in a bad way against you, it is just dumb how we get in trouble for being on railroad property, yet now they want us for security? That's the reason we get in trouble for in the first place! Gosh.
They still don't want you on the property, and you will still get in trouble for it. That is not the issue, and being on the property and keeping an eye on things is comparing apples and oranges. The theory is that railfans can be an extra set of eyes, and those eyes do not have to be on the property to see what is going on. That being said, I have never been excited over this whole idea. My take has always been that I can report someone suspicious or breaking the law whether or not I have some card that says I am a certified deputy railfan whathamacallit or not. All I need is a phone.

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