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Originally Posted by JRMDC
Actually, I suspect you will find even PSE7 to be very slow on a machine with 512MB RAM, that isn't much at all, regardless of the OS. Sounds like your next expenditure needs to be a new computer before anything else! Depending on how old it is, you may find a RAM upgrade to be an excellent use of money - it may be really cheap to get up to 1.5GB. I found it really valuable to go from 512 MB to 1.25 GB on a Dell laptop running WinXP, and the module only cost me $40 or so.
J brings up a good point. 512MB, that computer must be like 5 or 6 years old. If thats the case I congratulate you because it seems like these things are built to last three years. But I digress, anyway if you only have 512MB I don't even know if CS4 is option, infact I have no idea how you are even running CS2! I have 2.2 GB SRAM and CS2 locks up for me more than I would like.
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