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Originally Posted by Frederick
I've got most my images on both my computer and a Seagate 1TB hard drive. Once I get a DVD burner and/or a new computer, I will start burning backup DVD's. After that, each photo will be archived in 2-3 places.

I might also get PSE7 on my old computer, then sync the files with the new computer through the external hard drive. Where I will get the new computer from is still up in the air. It would be inconvenient to switch to MAC at this point.
You're basically doing what I'm doing now. But at some point the HD on the puter may not be big enough, so that is when dual external hard drives with some kind of RAID system might be worth considering.

In my experience CD's and DVD's are a pain. I started backing up to CD's and found them to be a pain to burn, store, use, update and reorganize. My CD's are slowly being transferred to an second external HD.
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