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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
I hate the second or even third rejections but can only guess they go down a checklist or there may even be an automated function. Whenever I go far out of the ordinary I expect the "we don't want" and have had little success. I'd say here the reflection is a major technical flaw and something that could have been detected and maybe corrected by changing the angle???

I had this one with intentional reflection I thought was nifty, rejected but now accepted in local photo contest so good to have other outlets that may be more suitable

Cool reflection in your pic, I like. Mine was not planned or avoidable at the time. We had just starting rolling and the conductor was right behind me on the phone/mic watching and reporting or location. I had only 15 mins to get everything in and was snapping and looking for everything around me. I had no time to review on the camera and frankly, I was too excited to think about the reflection, so chalk that mistake up to inexperience. I did however grab some interesting shots down the track as Doug mentioned but it was with my cell phone and I dont post pics from my cell phone.
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