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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
My belief here is that the OP is making a mistake that we all have done at one time or another. He had the great experience of his first cab ride, and has an emotional connection to the photo taken during that experience. The problem is that the photo doesn't convey that experience to a viewer that wasn't there. I'm sure that we all have photos that make us smile when we come across them in our collections, but objectively do not tell the story in a way that other people can relate.
Spot-on, Doug, and I'll ad one additional thing. The OP was clearly excited by the experience, but in order to convey that excitement, the photo needs something more than just track ahead. Crew members trackside, infrastructure, passing trains....anything but the long hood and the difficulties with DOF that presents. A shot pulling into the station with people on the platform might help fill out that right side with interest. Long hood forward is tough.

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