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My top five of 2011......based on views as that is a good gauge of what is popular in everyone's eyes...

So from 5 to 1

5 -
Image © Bob Pickering (BP)
PhotoID: 380927
Photograph © Bob Pickering (BP)

Maryann gets her shots of recently opened for business Tavares Eustis and Gulf railroads Orange Blossom Cannonball. Seems like when ever one of my lovely mermaids wind up in a shot the hits seem to go up.

4 -
Image © Bob Pickering (BP)
PhotoID: 355681
Photograph © Bob Pickering (BP)

It always seems that when any of the women who hang around me get into one of my pictures the hits go up, RP contributor Jennifer McDaniel is no exception seen waving at 101.

3 -
Image © Bob Pickering (BP)
PhotoID: 382534
Photograph © Bob Pickering (BP)

FEC 714 on 910 during it's first solo run after the repaint.

2 -
Image © Bob Pickering (BP)
PhotoID: 380561
Photograph © Bob Pickering (BP)

FEC 714 was repainted back into a scheme from the 1905's. The first day it was out on the rails I got a tip from an engineer friend that it was on Local 910. I made sure I was there on my lunch to get it.

1 -
Image © Bob Pickering (BP)
PhotoID: 367769
Photograph © Bob Pickering (BP)

My number 1 shot of 2011 was by pure luck as many top shots typically are. June 27th the rainy season that had been much delayed (Usually starts end of May here) came with a vengeance. Out into a thunderstorm producing 4 inch per hour rainfall I caught train 101 in Bunnell but lucky for me he had a 15 mph speed restriction due to trackwork. My jeep was flooded with 2 inches of water in the few minutes I had the window open. If the train was not slow I may not have got the shot. Big thank you also goes to those of you who helped me here get this on the database.

Have a cool Yule everyone....

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