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There are some really nice photos in this gallery already! Reflecting back on this year, it's hard to really describe the words for what all has happened. It's been a simply amazing year, I've had the opportunity to participate in a lot of events, meet a lot of people from, and learn a lot about different regions and photography.

Number 5: Photographed in March of 2011, an RJ Corman/CSX coal train makes its way down through Loup Creek Falls to Thurmond from Pax.

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 358453
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe

Number 4: While a rather simple photo in composition and actually a grab photo, this was one of my favorite photos from the August 2011 trip to New Mexico along the incredibly busy BNSF Transcon. For someone who has spent 99% of their time in West Virginia, the opportunity to experience the Southwest was incredible and this personally to me, comes off as one photos that screams "Southwest" to me.

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 373500
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe

Number 3: Taken in December of 2011, just less than two weeks ago, this photo is something I had wanted to capture for a while, but never found the exact location to make it work. The codeline and classic C&O signals look sharp at night and with the full moon already set, the backdrop of stars added to the scene. Just one of those "at the right place at the right time" photos.

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 383615
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe

Number 2: Captured in June of 2011, the Thurmond Depot and C&O semaphore signal are silhouetted by the full moon, nestled deep in Appalachia. I really didn't like this photo at all, especially in color, but a bit of contrast adjustment in Photoshop and a conversion to B&W made this one of my favorites from this year.

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 366186
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe

Number 1: Taken 24 hours before my "Number Two" selection, my night photo from Sproul has to me by favorite from 2011, displaying the C&O mast signal at "Sproul Jct" and its red "beams" painting the tunnel face of Sproul Tunnel.

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 365969
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe

I hope everyone here at RP has a great 2012! I'm looking forward to it!

Chase Gunnoe
Chase Gunnoe
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