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Great to see everybody's favorites; it's nice to take a few minutes and reflect back on fond memories from the year-almost-gone-by.

I guess this would have to be "my favorite railroad photos of 2011 that are already on RP." Thanks to my girlfriend I spent a significant amount of time this year expanding my photographic horizons into the equine world and have a few shots of those subjects which definitely rank high on my favorites list. But, working within the constraints of this gallery...

#5: I fell in love with Coyote Basin the first time I visited the DPR two and a half years ago and was delighted to have the opportunity to re-shoot this angle with the correct camera.
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 369362
Photograph © David Honan

#4: Does it get any better than the blue hour in winter? I also enjoy how the tunnel interior is lit by the approaching train, bringing out the detail in an area normally seen only as a black void.
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 382405
Photograph © David Honan

#3: The story in the caption says it all.
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 377675
Photograph © David Honan

#2: The horses were initially acting shy and wouldn't approach me standing at the side of the road, which basically ruined the shot I had hoped to do -- until the engineer made a brief brake application and the resulting squeal startled the horses into galloping. Clickclickclickclickclick and luck was in my favor.
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 373810
Photograph © David Honan

#1: Hey, look, more winter blue hour! I have to admit, this was also luck -- I was banging out two-second exposures with the motor drive (yes, I know, not smart if I want to avoid internal vibrations) and managed to capture the headlights just perfectly on the short span. The ethereal trees fading off into the distance are the icing on the cake for this shot.
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 358533
Photograph © David Honan
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