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Originally Posted by EMTRailfan View Post
Bottom line: If you railfan with a "radio", cut the tongue out of it like I did in my "play" radio. Then it is not capable.
Precisely...I absolutely love the performance of a commercial radio to that of a scanner (much better reception, better resistance to intermod, better audio quality, etc.). Mine is set up to receive-only on every railroad channel - if you attempt to hit the PTT button, it'll just let out a loud beep until you let go (and never actually transmit anything). The only way to reprogram it is to have an authorized dealer with the correct software do it for you (they also require letters of consent from the person's employer confirming their employment and giving permission to set up the radio to transmit).

Again, as far as I know, it's only the act of transmitting that is illegal - however, it's wise to disable that feature anyhow (heaven forbid you forget to take the radio off your belt, get in the car, sit on it, and it starts transmitting...).
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