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Wink Perhaps you should look again.

Originally Posted by Greg P View Post
California allows unloaded open carry
Perhaps you should not try that if you choose to come here.

Unless you are on private property and either the owner of said property, or have permission from the owner (not trespassing) you can't carry a loaded firearm in public, and the operative term is "in public."

Yes you can carry an unloaded one but you really need to know the laws well since you could still get into trouble if you get near a school or some other place including a State Park.

And yes you can have loaded clips and ammo too as long as the bullets are not in a firing position or the clip is shoved into the gun frame.

California's gun laws are well crafted by our great legislators to assure that the only people who are carrying guns on a daily basis are criminals and cops.

And really, what is the point in carrying a gun if it is unloaded?

They make lousy clubs and you can't throw them very far.

I would rather carry a Katana instead.

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