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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
True that.

"Commie" is polite for?

LOL! Charles, I live in one of the states that Troy mentions. We affectionately call it The People's Republic of Massachusetts! Don't even get me started about the politics around here. The last four Speakers of the Massachusetts House have been indicted. Change your name to Kennedy and you're a shoe-in to win any election for any office. Federal law may state that the term of office for a US Senator is 6 years, but here in the PROM, for a Democrat, the term of office is LIFE.

Everything is illegal here. The Police Chief in your town gets to decide if you get to own any kind of weapons at all....including a little can of pepper spray. Funny, in the neighboring State of Maine, it is almost illegal to not own a gun....LOL!

The PROM is a great example of what you get when you no longer have a two-party system.

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