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Well, I actually did come up with a use for a rangefinder. Last night I was back out again along the RCPE tracks at the SD/MN border. Two trains were coming fast for a meet, and I needed to set up three flash in a hurry to light a trestle about 100 yards out. It was around midnight and very dark. Not enough light for my D800E to focus on anything. I usually place a small flashlight on the tracks and focus on that, then remove it. I would be running the 400 yard dash to do that and there wasn't time. If I had a rangefinder, I could have got a distance reading and dialed it on my lens. That's assuming the rangefinder could operate in that low light, and the distance scale on my lens was precise enough to actually work.

There's almost always an alternate way with photography. I moved my car about 100 yards down the yard, left the tail lights on, ran back to my camera and autofocused on the tail lights. (Only needed to run about 100 yards instead of 400, and it was on even ground.) I then switched AF off and swung camera back to the trestle. Nailed the shot.

Kent in SD
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