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Right now in my camera I have a Lexar CompactFlash 64MB card and it seems to work very well. Its a 4X card meaning that in can store data on it at 600KB/s (1X = 150KB/s). Higher speed memory is rated at 12X (1.8MB/s), 16X (2.4MB/s), 32X (4.8MB/s), and 40X (6.0MB/s).

Storage capacities can be anywhere from 32MB all the way to 4GB! But keep in mind that the higher capacity you go, the more expensive it gets. I'd recommed to go with at least a 64MB card. With that you can store (depending what camera, settings, etc..) around 60-90 images.

I like Lexar and Sony the best. I know from Lexar you get a 5-year limited warranty with the 4X cards and with 12X and up cards you get a lifetime limited warranty.
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