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Originally Posted by Daniel SIMON View Post
Let me explain more in detail what I was trying to say. When you want to upload a photo from Indonesia to the database, the system will not accept that you select the country name Indonesia from the scroll down list. Therefore, you will have to choose another country name (in most of the cases Cambodia or Philippines are then selected). While uploading the photo and if you want that the correct country name is shown, you have to add a little comment to the screener asking him kindly to correct the country name back to Indonesia.

This is the reason why you will find so many photos Under Indonesia in the database. The country name has been corrected afterwards.

I know that very well, as I have myself a few pictures from Indonesia in the database.
That's an odd glitch. I was able to fill out the upload form for Jakarta, Indonesia as a test, but I didn't try sending it.

On the other hand, the long-running PCA glitch seems to have gone away (for now anyway).
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