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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I would then layer-blend those two in photoshop (your Nikon may be able to do that in-camera?). It's a scene that appears to need two different approaches to capture fully.

Loyd L.
The newer Nikons do have an HDR shooting mode, but the (serious) downside to it is that you end up with a JPEG, not a raw image. It has its place, mainly for static shots where the required dynamic range is not ridiculously wide, but I have not found it all that useful. Before you can even activate that mode, you have to change the camera's capture mode to one of the JPEG settings, and I am always afraid I will forget to put it back on raw.

Shooting a scene like the one in Bob's photo and getting a real keeper could take multiple trips to the site and a lot of experimentation. I have a friend in CT who shoots at night a lot.....he's hard core and he does post images on RP. Even an experienced shooter like him fully admits that there are a lot of nights when he comes home with little to show for his efforts....but with every session, you do learn, even if it is what NOT to do.

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