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Originally Posted by bigiron

Well been away from submitting for some time with a career change but still see some shots baffle me as to what the screeners are looking for . The latest shot I sent in was rejected due to "horizon unlevel " and my question to all of you is what can I do to make it correct in the eyes of the screeners when the shot was taken from above and to the side (bridge overpass)? I have the trees, signal posts and poles are level as they would be seen from the overpass.

At the time the sun was perfect to light the nose and the side of the train and mix in the fall foliage and a few RR props too that you can see are level in their roles. I'd like to share some of my photos that viewers may want to see but am baffled on how to fix this photo.

Thanks for you input, Rich Clark
To me, it looks ok. The signal is as perpendicular as you can get it, which is a good indication that the horizon would also be level (it there were one). So, myself, I'm quite baffled - unless it were rejected in error (or incorrect rejection type).

I'd say appeal.
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